Java, the poisoned fruit.

Well I have just had my first “what did I do and how do I unfuck-it-up fix-it moment with Kubuntu. Java. You know, that wonderful little thing that lets you play sometimes amusing mostly low-res games online? Yes that Java. Deciding to go play at one of my favorite sites, I found out I would need to install Java. After mucking around in the ashcans repositories and having no luck narrowing down which one of a couple of hundred libs with Java in the name I needed to install it, I finally turned to my trusty Bing (yes you heard me!) and found the answer in just a couple of clicks: IcedTea. Read more of this post

K-Trials and K-Tribulations

Okay, to be honest, so far I have spent most of my time playing with Ubuntu since it was the first I installed. Deciding to take Kubuntu out for a tour of the web, I fired up the default browser, Rekonq. Read more of this post

A few final thoughts on the K/Ubuntu Biannual Forced Death March

Mind you, in the two main installments of the BFDM, I found myself shocked to actually be saying things that were (begrudgingly) “nice” about these two flavors of Linux. Unfortunately at the moment these are fresh installs with minimal updates to either. In the past, I have had other installs that started out pretty good (hell I had one install of Kubuntu that stayed trouble free for the whole six months… too bad I updated!), but at some point I know deep in my bones one–or most likely both–are gonna crap themselves and become useless no-booting bits of code. Read more of this post

12.04 Kubuntu Biannual Forced Death March Report


Ubuntu’s kissing cousin/brother/sister, Kubuntu, is also out in a new “version”. Sadly, there isn’t as much to say here as in the previous report; the good points such as a much easier install, chance to install experience enhancing software (Flash/A-V codex stuff) and a fairly painless update (with reboot!) all apply. Read more of this post

12.04 Ubuntu Biannual Forced Death March Report


Since we now have “new” versions of Ubuntu and its kissing cousin/brother/sister Kubuntu, I decided to take the 6 month plunge into icy waters and see how they are coming along. Sadly, things are still pretty much what they have been for the last few years… a train wreck. Nowhere is this more evident than Ubuntu’s Unity “interface”. Read more of this post