Mint: speared by the updates

In my foolhardy attempts endeavour to test out Linux as it flounders and flails stands at the present moment in time, I have downloaded and infested my computer with installed several flavors of Linux. I chose to do so using the only sane way to install Linux the virtual machine route, for which I give myself thanks.

As noted in earlier Pulitzer Prize worthy bloggings, this has been a mixed bag of success and flaming piles of monkey dung problems. Java (IcedTea) has been a hit or miss deal with Kubuntu and Ubuntu both, Kubuntu went crazy with networking, and Unity is probably the worst thing to come out of Chthulu’s butt Canonical. Mint had been the saving grace of the three. No network problems, Java working consistently, and font rendering that didn’t look like sodomized camel droppings less than barely legible squiggles. Until this morning.

Firing up Mint this morning I noticed (or more properly: failed to notice!) two things. A) The toolbar at the bottom was missing (never loaded), and B) the tool/file/lets-waste-some-space-at-the-top-of-the-screen bar was missing (failed to load also); yes I installed the Mint version with GNOME desktop. Doing the logical thing (which seems to be against Linux ethics), I rebooted the VM and there was everything in its proper place. There were both bars, and a notice about 14 updates available. Knowing from past experience that updates in Linux only get bigger as time goes on, I made the choice to go ahead and install said updates: after all, the manager assured me they were all rather tiny ones and would take just a few seconds to install.

Things went smoothly and I was up and running in just a few seconds. Actually that is a total lie. Mint speared me in the back with a message that “Authorization was not given” and the updates would not be installed. Of course authorization wasn’t given because Mint, in all of its infinitely ignorant stupidity Linuxy-ness never bothered to pop up the nag box for my password. Rebooting the VM for the second time in less than 5 minutes, I again got the notification that there were 14 updates to install. Again, I clicked install and this time things went smoothly… no, not really. This is based on sub-beta quality hobby OS software Linux. Of cooooooourse it wasn’t that easy. I’m sure that by firing up the terminal I could have gotten my updates, but the last couple of years, I keep reading a bunch of lying shit about how Linux’s days of needing the terminal are long behind it and that is really just for hardcore people who want to use it. Grandma can run Linux and never even see the exposed hairy nether-regions terminal. Bullshit! As is, I had already had to do some mucking around in both ‘buntus that required a terminal for various reasons (nothing big, but for fuck’s sake people…). Anyway, since I didn’t feel like dealing with this nonsense–since it is only a test environment–I deleted the whole shebang and went and grabbed the KDE version of Mint.

GNOME would have driven me to this point anyway. While looking for desktop preferences to change, I discovered a link to something called “Desktop Settings”. BINGO! Well no, not really. This, like way too many things in Linux land, just a blatant lie just a blatant lie.It contained one, and ONLY ONE setting… a check box to do with displaying some stuff in the terminal. As for doing stuff like changing font sizes and stuff… not easily accessible. That would require the terminal to launch a program, or going to the (so-called) package manager and rooting around through the piles of useless garbage well organized repositories in the hopes of finding a suitable piece of shit well-designed software.

Linux, if it ain’t one fuckin’ thing, it is 4 others.


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Out to find out how much Linux-loving hype is just hype and how much is true. Hype seems to be winning.

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