Mint: KDE get your gun

So, having just installed the KDE version of Mint, I decided to take a test drive around the interweebs. Arriving here at blahg central the Dashboard, I was greeted by this message:

FF Warning

Deciding to see if there was an update for FF available, I opened the update manager which said the update manager needed to be updated. After updating the manager, I again checked for updates and was greeted with: 385 updates/350MB. Mind you, the GNOME (There has been much controversy of the correct pronunciation of GNOME, with the two most popular variants being “Nome” and “Gay-nome”, closely followed by “Holyfuckinghelltorvaldswasrightaboutthispieceofshit”. ) version was at least mostly up-to-date–despite that whole update snafu–and was ready to do its thang without a whole lot of mucking around.

Go figure.

About DigitalAtheist
Out to find out how much Linux-loving hype is just hype and how much is true. Hype seems to be winning.

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