Kubuntu, thy name is Frustration or The Further Adventures into Migraines

First off, I am going to start with an update to Java, the Poisoned Fruit. As in all things Linux-y, you just never know what you are going to get from one moment to the next. First it was Java working in Kubuntu and not working in Ubuntu, then for what ever inexplicable reason, it was working in Ubuntu and not in Kubuntu, then the wind shifted directions yet again and it was working in both. Always some kinda shit interesting surprise with these two.

Now why on Earth am I renaming Kubuntu to Frustration? Because for some crazy reason, networking cut a back-flip through its own anus went kaput. No connection to the Interwebs (or even Intrawebs!) at all. No amount of tinkering over the last couple of hours got even so much as a raised eyebrow. New connection ya say? Nope, dead end. Restore? Pfft.* In order to save myself a lot of time and effort, and not scare my neighbors, I finally reached the conclusion that the easiest thing to do was delete Kthulu’s scrotum hair Kubuntu from my machine and start over.**  So, while Kubuntu is doing the reinstall thing I’ve decided to knock out another “fair and balanced”*** article about the average every day person trying to use this flaming bag of dog poo Linux**** in every day situations. Days like this make me ponder: is it any wonder that something like the great march to Linux in Munich is over budget and behind schedule. Hell.. they can’t make any progress because for every 3 machines they install it on, before long they have to do 4 reinstalls.#

Anyway, since it appears that Krap-untu Kubuntu has finished installing itself, I’m gonna go and try to get things back up to snuff once again. Just cause I like hitting my head with a hammer a good challenge.

l *Oh how I wish there was something as easily accessible as “System Restore” when it comes to bottom-dwelling, silly-ass Linux.

**Thank Reason for Virtual Machines!

***Sarcasm font, where are you?

****As noted at TMR, every time Linux makes one step forward it stops and cuts its own wrists and throat then tries to blame someone else. In a usage case like this it would be me, the user.

#Never mind software incompatibilities and such.


About DigitalAtheist
Out to find out how much Linux-loving hype is just hype and how much is true. Hype seems to be winning.

4 Responses to Kubuntu, thy name is Frustration or The Further Adventures into Migraines

  1. doctorloser says:

    Slow down!

    Honestly. It’ll be good for the blog.

  2. doctorloser says:

    Oh, and add links to TMR etc: it’s good for the soul. I used to link to LHB conscientiously, despite the nametard rubbish … I seem to have stopped doing this, which I assure you is pure laziness.

    Well, that coupled with the fact that there’s very little reason to expose grown adults to 90% of what passes for comment on LHB these days.

    Hmm, that’s interesting: it’s a .co.uk. Maybe I’m just seeing localised offensiveness.

    • No no… the offensiveness is here in the U.S. too. Too many jealous people running around over there. Can’t start a proper hate about Flash or Java going belly up without someone saying n*****. I’ve had suspects in the past.. but who knows for sure.

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