Java, the poisoned fruit.

Well I have just had my first “what did I do and how do I unfuck-it-up fix-it moment with Kubuntu. Java. You know, that wonderful little thing that lets you play sometimes amusing mostly low-res games online? Yes that Java. Deciding to go play at one of my favorite sites, I found out I would need to install Java. After mucking around in the ashcans repositories and having no luck narrowing down which one of a couple of hundred libs with Java in the name I needed to install it, I finally turned to my trusty Bing (yes you heard me!) and found the answer in just a couple of clicks: IcedTea.

Firing up KwArk Muon, I quickly searched, and found IcedTea and it’s how ever many dozens of dependencies. After several rounds of KaJongg (really? why the K’s and G’s with every damn thing Linux?), I finally went to try out my new Java install. Firing up the ever trusty Firefox 49 and going to my targeted gaming site I found out that nope… Java was not gonna play. Closing FF 63, I noticed that during this install, Muon, Java, and dependants, had reverted my wallpaper back to the default blah-ness that came with the original install; on top of which it has also caused my nice little home folder widget todisappear!

Sanity dictates that when you have Linux you make Linux-ade, so I did what any sensible PC user would do: I cursed a couple of moments and rebooted (little did I know that Cave Johnson was the lead programmer for KDE and had decided to make Combustible Linux instead of Linux-Kade). The results of the reboot: shitty, butt-ugly uninspired default wallpaper and no Home Folder. After poking around in Widget land, I finally hit on something that took me to the actual home folder on the drive. Heh… Cave Johnson, you trickster you! Who’d a thunk that just because every other damn thing you can think of has a widget you can pick from the pile of plasma crap list of widgets, Home folder would be the only one you would have to actually go to and drag to your desktop to get it to show again?!?

Anyway, Kubuntu is now back to where it was before I decided to install arandomly accumulated pile of crap package from the Repos. Now I’m gonna gotest my sanity and see what happens in plain Ubuntu.

P.s. After getting my home folder–and associated shortcuts–back on the desktop, I started Firefox 82 and everything worked fine.

P.p.s. After a game or two, Kubuntu and IcedTea have decided to go on vacation and not work any more. At least the configurations worked better than Ubuntu and IcedTea. That little darlin’ never even struck a like  at a snake much less did an honest game’s work.


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Out to find out how much Linux-loving hype is just hype and how much is true. Hype seems to be winning.

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