A few final thoughts on the K/Ubuntu Biannual Forced Death March

Mind you, in the two main installments of the BFDM, I found myself shocked to actually be saying things that were (begrudgingly) “nice” about these two flavors of Linux. Unfortunately at the moment these are fresh installs with minimal updates to either. In the past, I have had other installs that started out pretty good (hell I had one install of Kubuntu that stayed trouble free for the whole six months… too bad I updated!), but at some point I know deep in my bones one–or most likely both–are gonna crap themselves and become useless no-booting bits of code.

Also my shock at having said some sorta nice things about them is mitigated by the fact that the same ol’ problems are lurking around.

  • BluRay drive support is sorely lacking and I hope that neither decides to make my PC forget the drive is installed as has happened too many times the last 2 years.
  • Software: the big turn off for a lot of people is that the programs they use regularly are not available in Linux unless they “run” it in the beyond useless wine, or find some half-assed beta-grade barely Alpha quality knock off in the garbage bin repositories. (never mind that an upcoming upgrade may break it).
  • Support, in the way of friends/family is most always going to be lacking. For a lot of people this would be problematic as they are used to calling someone they know to come fix that “thingy that keeps not working”. The usual answer is “we got forums”… and to often the advice in said forums is RTFM noob, or WFM noob, or Go Back to Windows noob. (seen too much of it poking around looking for help).
  • Hardware: having installed various flavors of Linux on several computers here at Casa DigitalAtheist, I can honestly say that there appears to be no rhyme or reason for what hardware will work or not for any given flavor of Linux whether it is from one update to the next, one upgrade to the next, or the position of the moon on the day your mother stubbed the little toe on her left foot on a telephone pole.

While things have started out well enough these first couple of days, I’m waiting for a shoe to drop. I know it’s coming… I’ve never been disappointed yet.

Just as an aside, I’m running both Kubuntu and Ubuntu on top of Win 7 While playing Star Trek Online… not a hickup to be found with hardware or Windows. also of note is that at the moment Kubuntu is using about half the RAM that Ubuntu is using, even with the same programs. Both have access to 2048 MB of RAM and out of the 3, Ubuntu is the hog. Heh.


About DigitalAtheist
Out to find out how much Linux-loving hype is just hype and how much is true. Hype seems to be winning.

3 Responses to A few final thoughts on the K/Ubuntu Biannual Forced Death March

  1. doctorloser says:

    Kubuntu is also, effectively, orphaned.

    How the hell can something based on KDE possibly consume 50% less resources than bog-standard Ubuntu?

    PS Signed in (this being a different page) on what WordPress recommended, rather than my usual Nick. Let’s see if it helps.

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